After working tirelessly, experimenting with combinations of steel and copper, applying his knowledge of mathematics, Thordarson produced a device to control electrical force, making this source of energy adaptable for America’s growing industrialization. He called his device a “transformer”.

In 1895, Chester H. Thordarson founded Thordarson Electric Manufacturing Company in Chicago, Illinois, becoming the first producer of industrial and commercial transformers. In its early years, Thordarson® patented more than 30 inventions for transformer design and manufacturing, including the still most popular form of laminations, the scrapless “E and I”.

Thordarson Meissner is very proud of the “quality” and “innovative” reputation that we have earned by meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers. Thordarson Meissner’s goal is to do things right the first time to always improve our products and quality. Our production facilities are Certification with International Standards Organization (ISO 9000) to be recognized as your World Class Supplier. Our designs range from the simplest of Filament transformer, to custom designs with tight tolerances required by the government, military, subcontractors, and manufacturers.

In 1937, the Thordarson® Creed was:
“It is the creed of every member of the Thordarson® organization that its leadership shall never be impaired by any neglect of this perpetual rule to produce nothing but the best in quality.”

The creed of today reflects the same goal:
"We shall strive for excellence in all endeavors. We shall set our goals to achieve total customer satisfaction and to deliver defect-free premium value products on time with service second to none."

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